Acrobatic Winter Travel

Aviation Specialties Unlimited Challenger III

In the aftermath of last week’s pre-Christmas winter storm, national air travel became badly snarled, with thousands of flights being cancelled. Worst hit was Southwest Airlines, the primary carrier for Saint Louis. All these flight cancelations caused tickets for the few remaining flights to skyrocket in price. After spending Christmas with her family, Britt had been planning on flying here from NYC and was shopping for a cheap one-way ticket, like the one she got last year ($60). She would then drive back with Dan, but it was not to be. Supply and demand jacked up all remaining ticket prices to many hundreds of dollars. Long story short, she will not be coming to town this year. We will miss not seeing her, but it could have been worst, as today’s paper showed. A photo on the front page showed a sea of unclaimed luggage still waiting to be claimed at the airport. Many people, who’s flights had been canceled, still saw their checked luggage fly ahead on other flights without them. Dan will stay here until the new year and then drive back to the city solo. The prospects for that return trip are still too far out to say definitively what the weather forecast will be, but we will be keeping an eye on it, and he has some flexibility so that he can dodge any storms on his return run. Even further out in time is our planned trip to Costa Rica next month. That trip is with a tour, making any delay a major problem. I suppose that if it is necessary, we could try to leave early and beat any winter weather out of town? Such are the difficulties and dangers of winter travel, but one can only do so much of Netflix and chill.

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