Hudson River

I had a thought on the NY Thruway, while driving past Normans Kill, “A car, a truck, my kingdom for a horseless carriage!” Further down the road we stopped at one of the tollway’s many service centers. I pumped gas, while Anne used the restroom first. When we finished both these chores, she asked if I wanted coffee? I emphatically assented, then I took my turn in the lavatory. Coming back as she was finishing pouring the coffee, she said, “Good, you’re back. I only have a dollar.” I gave her a twenty and then told her that I would pay for the coffee, but when I went to the checkout counter the woman clerking there told me no charge. I thanked her profusely, for her generosity. Only later did I wonder why did she do it? Later still, while we were swapping tales with Alice and Chris, recounting the gifts of kindness that we had been given during our Big Adventure, our big bike trip of some forty years ago. Only then did this clerk’s gift come into focus. It was a small kindness to someone who appeared in need of it. While not really true, it was still heartfelt appreciated.

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