Shenandoah Sunset

We spent all day in Shenandoah National Park. The heart of this park is a road, Skyline Drive that runs North-South through the center of the park. We began in the middle of the park and headed south from there. We started off driving from lookout to lookout, jumping out of the car for a few quick photos and then hoping back into our heated seats. It was cold! We ran our seats on high all of the way south. Normally, I can sit on high heat for only a few minutes, before my butt begins to burn. Our frequent stops though meant that that never happened. Just after lunchtime, we did a hike to the Dark Hollow Falls and back. Afterwards, we chased the sunset, with all of its Jesus rays. After sunset, we head back to the hotel. It was getting dark then and lots of deer began to appear alongside the road. We dodged them all and made it back down to the valley.

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