Hurricane Warning Flags

On a day like today, where Florida is suffering from the onslaught of Hurricane Ian, making travel plans for the Fall may seem unwise, but that’s what we’re doing. Next month, it won’t be us traveling, but instead staying home and entertaining. Rey, Et. al. will be coming to town for a visit. Batten down the hatches! Adding to this already full house will be Jane. She is coming to the Lou on a business trip and will then extend her trip here for a weekend getaway with us.

The following month, in November, for Thanksgiving, we will be heading east to Boston. We’ll be driving and not flying, and we will be taking our time, almost three weeks. Our itinerary includes the cities Rochester, NYC and DC. We will also be out in the country, visiting the National parks of Cuyahoga, Shenandoah and the newest one, New River Gorge. It should be a great road trip. I hope that the weather cooperates.

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