Hot! Hot! Hot!

Your Wife Is Hot!

97 °F temperature today! This advert can be seen in the men’s restrooms, of Busch stadium, above a urinal. Enough said, except that it is a hot one.

I’ll file this story under adventures with technology. Our computer monitor, which was originally gifted to us by my brother Chris, after having served him for many years and then subsequently serving us for many more, had developed a problem. A green vertical line had developed that ran from the top to the bottom of the screen. At first, I could make the green line go away, by cycling power on the monitor, but eventually that ploy ceased to work. I could have lived with this new defect, but instead I checked out Amazon and found a similar size monitor for $150. I ordered it yesterday and Amazon said that they could deliver it that evening (5 to 10 PM). Great! Except that around nine, that delivery window changed to before 8 AM, which didn’t make much sense to me. I’ve never heard of Amazon delivering packages through the night. This morning, I got up just before six to use the bathroom and then checked the front porch and sure enough there was the package. I pulled it inside and went back to bed. Later, checking the package’s tracking, I learned that it had been dropped off an hour before I found it. I then unboxed the monitor and setup it up, without any problems. This new monitor comes with a speaker that sounds tinny. So, new speakers too?

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