Droning On About the Queen

Dan and Britt’s RAV4 Drone Video (No Sound)

I took our RAV4 in for service today. It had begun whining again about wanting another oil change and had already narced on me to Toyota. Because of the distance to the dealership, I usually wait there for the work to be done. In the waiting room, Queen Elizabeth’s funeral was playing on the telly. I sort of watched it for a while, with all of its pomp, but I couldn’t really get into it, unlike the woman who sat down beside me. She was soon sniffling, quietly though. After a while, I had to get up, not so much because of her, but because my legs were starting to cramp. I headed outside and watched a semi unload a couple of cars for delivery. It was a more complicated process than I would have imagined, and these two cars were the easiest to get off the truck. Unloading the remaining eight would have really been a spectacle to watch, just like the queen’s funeral was. I get it. She was a nice old lady, but she wasn’t our queen. We fought two wars to make that so, the Revolutionary War and then the War of 1812. In Canada they still refer to the War of 1812 as the War of American Aggression, holding hard feelings about that war and after more than 200 years.

I was wearing my Malden t-shirt, home to Dave and Maren’s new house back in Massachusetts. When we last visited Malden earlier this year, we heard about some its history, as the most patriotic town in America. This story begins in Philadelphia, in May of 1776. John Adams had been there for eight long years. When he first arrived in Pennsylvania, he was bluntly told by many of the other delegates that his problem with Great Britain was a Massachusetts problem and not an American problem. He was not deterred and in May of 1776 he could see that independence was finally going to happen. His problem now was that he hadn’t been home to Massachusetts in eight years, and he was unsure if the people back home still wanted independence or not. He caucused with the rest of his delegation, Samuel Adams and John Hancock and they all decide to call for a referendum back home and poll the people there. Malden was the first town to respond and voted 100% for independence, making it the most patriotic.

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