USS Niagara

USS Niagara

Thursday, the sailing ship the Pride of Baltimore passed by the cabin. This passage alerted me to the news that there is going to be a tall ship’s event at the other end of the lake next week. Checking out their website, I learned what the other vessels that are slated to also participate. One of them, the Niagara, I have seen pass this cabin before. Checking Marine Traffic that night, I saw that it had just departed Alpena. Friday morning, I checked with the Boat Nerd website and learned that it was scheduled to lock through the Soo later that day. This news generated an all-hands-on deck alert. I raised the dead and precipitated an attempt to capture drone footage of this boat’s passage. We kind of lost track of the ship has it was heading up the Lower St. Mary’s River, but eventually reacquired it on the Marine Traffic app. Dan, Britt, Anne and I all trooped over to Goose Poop Park, which I move be renamed as Dog Poop Park. We got there early for our rendezvous, but this only served to give Dan and Brit plenty of time to set up their drone and even to a test flight with it, practicing the maneuvers that they planned on using. Their drone, a DJI Inspire II, is now a two-seater. One operator physically pilots the drone, while the other one handles the camera. They switch off their roles. I also had my DJI Mini, with which I snapped this post’s photo and generally tried to keep out of their way. After the ship had passed us and I was recovering my drone, a seagull took way too much interest in my much smaller bird. It was going on six, when we wrapped everything up and being right next to Clyde’s that was first suggested for dinner. We ended up down on Portage at the Lockview Restaurant. I had their Walleye as a change of pace from Whitefish and Perch. It was very good. After dinner, we saw on Marine Traffic that instead of locking through, the Niagara had tied up for the night, next to the Valley Camp. We swung by it, took some more pictures and talked to the crew as they were tying up their boat. All-in-all, a rather successful outing, for what otherwise was not a very good beach day.

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