The Pride of Baltimore II

The Pride of Baltimore II

Dave and Maren left relatively early this morning, crossed the International Bridge into Canada and made good time, to get to Toronto tonight. For Anne and I it was a work day. We first did laundry in the Soo, shopped at Meijer’s once again and then returned to the cabin. After lunch, we swept, made beds and put away our laundry. It was after four when we finished all of our chores. We went down to walk the beach and caught sight of a sailing ship headed upbound under motor power. It was the Pride of Baltimore II, a War of 1812 replica of a class of ships that were popular around then called the Baltimore Sloop. During this war, these ships were employed as privateers, to raid British merchants. One of them, the Chasseur, was such a successful commerce raider that singlehandedly it decided to blockade the British Isles. It succeeded in capturing or sinking seventeen other vessels. Returning home to Baltimore, three months after a treaty had been signed, it was dubbed the Pride of Baltimore. After the war, these Baltimore sloops were not very suitable for the commercial work of hauling cargos, due to their small size. They usually turned to more dubious forms of trade, like smuggling, the slave trade or the illegal opium trade with China. The first Pride of Baltimore was launched in 1977 and served as a goodwill ambassador for the city until its sinking in 1986. It was lost at sea in the Caribbean, with a loss of life. Pride II was launched in 1988, with the help of the State of Maryland and was seen today, heading to Superior, WI.

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