Rainy Day Cabin Activities

I was driving back to the cabin from Meijer’s, when the rainstorm first hit. Actually, I was on Forest Side Road, the worst place to be. It was a real frog-choker. Visibility dropped to near zero and there was so much water on the road that even at 20 MPH, the car was throwing up twin rooster tails. I eventually, made it back to the cabin. I grabbed the few bags of frozen food and made my dash for the door. I was greeted by the above pictured activities. Everyone had found something to do. The rain eventually moved on, but then with the passing of the front, the wind picked up and the temperature began to drop, not a really good beach day. It is a good thing that Dan is immersed in his game with Dave, because even though it is whitecaps out on the lake, as far as the eye can see, I just saw another sailboat whip down the beach. It was flying. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

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