Full Family Beach Day

Dan And Britt Sailing Back to the Cabin

Yesterday morning we, being Britt, Dan, Maren, Dave, Anne and myself, each enjoyed the last of Maren’s crumb cake or is it crumcake? Also in the morning, Maren and David, launched a canoe and rowed around Cedar Point, the eastern terminus of our bay. Last to arrive, late last night and last to arise, Dan and Britt eventually busied themselves with the work of launching their sailboat. Kudos to Anne and Bill for hosting his boat over the winter. It was in great condition. I rode with Dan and Britt as Dan trailered the boat over to Brimley State Park’s boat launch. He almost effortlessly backed the boat into the water. I certainly couldn’t have done better. Unfortunately, a critical part, the mainsail’s boom didn’t make the trip. Also, the waves at the park were much stronger than back at the beach and more than a bit scary. I drove Dan’s Prius back to the cabin, dropped the trailer, un-lowered the boom and drove back to the park with it. By then, weather conditions had mellowed quite a bit. In fact, as I watched them launch, Britt had to paddle the boat away from shore. They eventually got underway and I only beat them back to the beach, as they were rounding Birch Point, by 5-10 minutes. Because today, was such a primo beach day and the next few days not so much so, we elected to forego a trip into town to celebrate my birthday. Instead, I fixed brats (meeting the multi-culinary requirements of the cabin with pork, chicken and veggie) and also spicy and sweet potatoes fries. The brats turned out OK, but it being the first time with these fries, they left a little to be desired. Still, no leftovers. The end of the day culminated with a six-person competition of the game Wingspan. Dan and Britt, working as a team, successfully dethroned Dave as the game’s reigning champ. To make matters worse, this left Dave in a tie with Maren, who claimed a moral victory.

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