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Engine Order Telegraph at the Lock View

Recycling, laundry and Meijer’s took up most of the day. In-between those errands, we had crepes for lunch down on tourist row, got our absentee ballots notarized and then posted for next month’s primary election. We got Democratic ballots, so our selection of candidates is nowhere near as interesting as the Republican primary ballots would have offered us. The big election this year is for the US Senate. Senior senator from Missouri, Roy Blunt Jr. is retiring, leaving an open seat. Two of the top Republican candidates are Eric Greitens and Mark McCloskey. Greitens, the former governor, was made to step down from that office, mid-term, by his own party. His offences included a sampling of electioneering shenanigans and a little S&M with his girlfriend in the basement of his family home, while his wife and kids were away for the day. That and his general uncooperativeness led to his own party throwing him out of office. Recently, he has added to his notoriety with a campaign ad that shows him armed and breaking into a house, leading a cadre of soldiers, with the tagline, “hunting RINOs.” Critics have complained that his ad advocates violence against his opponents. If Greitens is not deplorable enough for you, then there is also Mark McCloskey, the barefoot, pink Polo shirt wearing attorney who confronted BLM protesters with an AR-15. McCloskey, a Saint Louis personal injury lawyer, only claim to political fame was this incident and I discount him as a serious contender, but you never know. It seems that gun-toting thuggery is lingua franca for Missouri Republicans.

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