Happy Lake Superior Day!

Happy Lake Superior Day!

Today, the third Sunday of July is known as Lake Superior Day. On this day, communities around Lake Superior get together and hold events as an appreciation of Lake Superior, the greatest of the Great Lakes. The French explorers who were the first Europeans to see Lake Superior. They named the lake, superior, not because it is the largest of the great lakes, but because it is also the most northern of these lakes, putting above the other great lakes on the map or superior. Being on the lake today, we were up for any celebration. The weather today was all so fine, not too hot and not too cold, with plenty of sun throughout the day and a bit of a breeze in the afternoon. According to Lake Superior Magazine, Lake Superior Day was started in the 1990s by lake lovers in Thunder Bay, Ontario, the lakes largest city. It was then revived a decade later in Superior, WI. Lake Superior is the only one of the Great Lakes which is celebrated annually with its own day. Lake Superior holds 10% of the world’s fresh water. 10,000 years ago, the first people arrive in the Lake Superior region. In 5000 BC the Shield Archaic peoples arrive, believed to be the ancestors of today’s Ojibwe and Cree. By the 1700s the Ojibwe occupied all of Lake Superior’s shores. The Ojibwe name for Lake Superior is Gitchee-Gummi, which means great sea. Unlike other seas, Superior has no sharks and is salt free.

Happy Lake Superior Day!

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