White Admiral

White Admiral Butterfly at Naomikong

After yesterday’s frenetic paced day of activity, today it is time to slow things down some. It also happens to be a beach day, so why would one want to be anywhere else than on the beach? It also helps some that this morning’s low was only forty-four degrees. No wind though and a promise of an afternoon high near eighty. In anticipation of such weather, I have donned shorts, for the first time in that I can remember. This is only possible this AM, because we have a warm and toasty fire in the kitchen stove that keeps the cold at bay, at least within the confines of the kitchen. Eventually, we got going today. Anne began quilting on the sleeping porch, while I began cleaning the kitchen porch. I gave the bathroom a deep cleaning and even mopped the porch’s linoleum floor. Pretty quiet, but after yesterday, it was what we needed.

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