Engineer’s Day

Engineer’s Day at the Soo Locks

Today, being the last Friday in June also makes it the annual Engineer’s Day at the Soo locks. All of the various state, local and federal agencies around here were in attendance. There was a small street fair ongoing just outside the lock’s gates on Portage. Inside the gates, it was all government business. There were more different kinds of police forces there than you could shake a stick at. They had not one, but two locks open so that you could cross them, over one of the lock gates. Occasionally, one of these locks would open to allow a freighter or one of the many tour boats to lock through. No tourist lost, at least not yet. All of the engineers had all of their toys out on display, which included deep water diving equipment, underwater drones and a gas-powered airborne drone with a seven-foot wingspan and five hours of endurance. Elsewhere there was a “touch pool” of sorts containing lamprey eels. One little boy let one attach itself to his arm long enough to leave a big red welt on it, which he proudly would show off to anyone the least bit interested. We stayed downtown for about two hours. It was hot and very bright in the sun. Afterwards, we hit Wicked Sister, which was as good as ever, if a wee bit too dark to read the menus, after being out in the bright sun for so long. Then the hardware store, to stock up on more seats and springs and finally Meijer’s. It was 87 ºF when we got back to the cabin, which was still comfortably cool inside and ready and waiting for our well-deserved afternoon naps, after so much sun and such a large lunch.

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