How Much Wood Can a Woodchuck Chuck?


Yesterday, a face-cord of hardwood firewood was delivered, one day after being ordered, but it was too nice a day to do anything with the wood that day. Can you say beach day? It being the summer solstice yesterday, we actually had a decent sunset to go with it. I got a pretty good photo of it that I’ll share soon. The high then got up to eighty and I actually put on my swimsuit and got into the water, at least up to my waist. Today, it being much cooler, we unstacked the existing firewood, stacked the new firewood and then restacked the old firewood on top of it. Between the old and the new, we now have easily more than two (face) cords. We’ll be popping some Aleve now, thank you very much. The high for the today, around sixty, was at about the time when we got out of bed this morning and the temperature has been falling ever since, but not to worry, we now have plenty of wood to burn. We were going to go over to Whitefish Point and/or Tahquamenon today, but instead of having a playday, we ended up getting in a workday instead. Before we embarked upon this wood relocation project, Anne and I headed over to Meijer and each of us bought a new pair of work gloves. These weren’t just any work gloves though. Each high-tech glove had a rubberized palm, with cloth backing, for protection where it counted and breathability elsewhere. Also, each glove was labeled Boss. This could have led to some labor-management issues, but we worked it out and ended up working well together. No one got an errant log tossed at their head, always a plus. So, no visit to the ER was required either. In other home-away-from-home improvement news, Anne hung out a new clothesline. The old one having come down over the winter. So… How much longer must I wait before I can take another Aleve?

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