A Walk in the Woods

Swamp Iris

First, Bill swung by the cabin to callout daylight in the swamp, before venturing out on his adventure for the day. He was in search of Round Island Point. Years ago, after some fits and starts, Anne’s family, in conjunction with the Little Traverse Conservancy created the Round Island Point Nature Conservancy. Eventually following in Bill’s footsteps, we headed down the road to Doelle’s and then on to Cedar Point Row. Bill headed north towards the shipping channels, while we headed south towards 5 Mile. We picked up the Jim Finlayson Trail and followed it along the ridgeline, catching some of that mosquito deflecting breeze that was more prevalent closer to the beach. We walked to the observation tower and then caught Winding Ridge Road to the Loop. It was a bit o a hike and we had been out for a while, such that returning to the cabin, lunch wasn’t served until after 2:30.

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