Big Blow

Ann Arbor Summer Street Scene

Big blow today, with almost no bugs, well almost none. We turned in our carefully drawn map of the property to Jamadots, to which the clerk there looking over the documents said, “Good, you left a contact number.” Enough said. Maybe everyone is just an art critic. We’ll see what develops, but don’t hold your breath. Then we swung by Meijer’s Shifty Takers (A former employer of mine). My first purchase there were a pair of hypodermic needles. No, I am not taking up intravenous drugs. Mister Bill suggested using them to inject the individual powder post beetle holes with insecticide, which are easy to find, with their tale tell mound of sawdust below each active hole. At $0.25 a syringe, we are not going that far out on a financial limb with this endeavor. It was too windy to walk the beach today, so instead, we walked the road out to the navigation lights. Next to the lights is a potentially huge new McMansion being built. Too soon to tell for sure how big, but it required not one, but two cement mixers for foundation work today. Saw lots of native wildflowers along the road too that will soon be coming to a blog near you here. We invited Bill over for dinner, but we were too late, he had already scored something from Pickles. Mores the pity, because Anne and I had made a chicken, red onion and rhubarb dish that came out surprisingly well. Anne had bought the rhubarb last weekend at the Ann Arbor farmer’s market. Still, we all enjoyed a handsome after dinner conversation together. This evening, the wind seems to be dropping and the skies are clear, leading me to expect a very cold morning low. Anne is currently enjoying a warm fire in the big fireplace and I suspect that a fire in stove will be required in the morning. I plan on ordering more firewood on Monday, there is no real rush, but then you know…supply chain issues.

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