Seats and Springs

Seats and Springs

Mark…there is water in the bathroom! After we had turned the water back on for the summer this week, we noticed that the bathroom faucet was dripping. First, we tried fiddling with the faucet, but nothing we did stopped the drips. Turning to YouTube U, we found a video that dovetailed nicely with our needs. This online expert appeared to be demonstrating his repair on the exact same make and model that was in the bathroom. After watching his video, we headed to the hardware store. There we found about half-a-dozen different part sets for various Delta faucet models. I picked the part set that looked most like parts that were used online, without knowing for sure that theirs and ours were in fact the same. Returning home and following the video instructions with stop/start playback, we got the faucet apart, the new seats and springs installed and then the faucet reassembled but turning the water back on the dripping was still with us and in fact it was worse, but oddly only the cold water was dripping, the hot water was fine. So, we at least got it half right. Mister Bill showed up to help and after several iterations of disassembly and then reassembly, we eventually got it right and we never had to don personal flotation devices. I don’t want to give you the idea that it is all work and no play here. We haven’t gone swimming yet, but have got in lots of wading on our daily traverse up and down the beach. Yesterday, we saw three Goldeneyes floating just off shore, two males and one female. It was so bright and glaring that I couldn’t get a decent photo of them to save my life. Last night, was a dark and stormy night and Mister Bill came over to kvetch with us, as the brunt of the storm passed north of us. This morning dawned bright and clear, but there was a persistent foghorn sounding, even though you could plainly see both Gros Cap and Iroquois. It was a mystery that might have been rectified if either of us had bothered to sit up in bed.

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