Utility News That You Can Use

NYC telephone totem from Life Underground, Tom Otterness, 2001

This week’s dealings with the local phone company continue. They have emailed us a form that they want us to fill out. Not having a printer here, we will have to go into their office to get a paper copy of this form. The form is basically asking for a map of the property, where we will have to enumerate all of the various underground obstructions. To which I can only think of three, the waterline that runs from the wellhead to the cabin, the sewer line and associated septic field, and the fiber line to the adjoining cabin that runs down our side of the driveway, because those imbeciles thought that our cabin was the one getting the fiber line last year. The long and short of this is that the only clear path to the cabin would be bring the new fiber line in from the road to the southwest side of the cabin, about where the master bedroom is now. This would necessitate trenching and bushwhacking a new fiber line from the road, through the woods. It would be a mess, but based upon their past performance, I don’t think that we want them trenching anywhere near any of our other underground stuff. In other utility related news, right after I had left the phone company, I got a call from Anne, the power had just gone out. I was on my way to the grocery store and was ready to revise my shopping list due the sudden lack of refrigeration. Anne subsequently called Cloverland Electric and learned that she was experiencing a scheduled power outage. Lo and behold, while she was on the phone, the power came back on. Miracle of miracles! Anne thanked the power company representative for her prompt service. She then called me back with the news. I thanked her for the news, returned to shopping, but was now somewhat discombobulated and ended up missing getting some of the items on my list. Continuing in this post’s vein of utility management, back on the ranch, a couple of the sensors of our home security service had gone out, but Joanie, ably assisted by our neighbor Art fixed the malfunctioning sensors, restoring full security to our house. Thank you, Joanie!

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