Fleetwood Dinner

Fleetwood Dinner

We are in Ann Arbor now for our fiftieth high school reunion. Chris and Alice are sharing an Air B&B with us here. Anne and I are high school sweethearts, but we are not the only ones like that here. Friday night, we had a meet and greet get together at Dominick’s, a family owned and operated pizzeria. Back in the day, it was run by the parents, but now it is operated by their sons, David and Rich. Rich was there to greet us at the door. Rich was also our classmate, but it was his older brother David who I knew much better. I had spent innumerable nights together, playing wargames, back in the day. There was a pretty good turnout and there were even a few classmates who I knew there and more importantly still remembered me. Our class size was in excess of 800 students, so there is no way to know everyone in our class. The meet and greet was noisy and crowded, but everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Today, Alice and Chris and we squired around town together. We started with breakfast at Angelo’s (eggs over easy, hash browns and you) a historic Ann Arbor diner, which is normally very crowded, but early on a summer Saturday morning like today, not so much. Our next stop was the Ann Arbor farmer’s market and Kerrytown. Then we drove out Huron River Drive. We stopped at Barton Dam for a small hike. Then it was further out Huron River Drive to Dexter, where we refueled with more coffee. Being on the westside of town, I snagged an invite to Anne and Bill’s place, where we surprised them with Alice and Chris’s presence. We had a lovely visit. On the way back to the apartment, we stopped off at our alma mater for some pics. We regrouped and now we are getting ready for the main event.

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