Dave took us out to dinner last night, at the Rising Eagle Public House. There we met Jim, the proprietor and story teller. He opened this story with the claim that Malden was the most patriotic city the country. David and Maren’s new home is in the city of Malden. In olden times it used to be a town that supplied farm goods to nearby Boston. In May of 1776, Malden was just a village. That same month in Philadelphia the Continental Congress had been meeting for many years. John Adams, a delegate from Massachusetts was there. When he first arrived in Philly, he was told by the delegates from the other states that what he had was a Massachusetts problem and not an American problem, but after many years of argument, in May of 1776, he could see that he was on the cusp of a momentous event. Now, by this time John, his cousin Samuel and John Hancock, the Massachusetts delegation had not been home for over a year. Being this much out of touch, they wondered what truly was the sense of the people. To deeming if independence was truly their will, Adams requested that every town have a vote, yea or nay. Malden was the first town to return a vote, 100% for independence.

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