An Eye for Home Improvement

Newly Sanded Porch Flooring

It has begun to cool town today, with the forecast calling for even cooler weather next week. Yesterday, the man that I hired to clean, renovate and then stain the back porch arrived. He spent the better part of the day sanding all the horizontal surfaces (flooring and railings). Thirty years of grime got washed away in less than a day. Next week, he will return and do the actual staining. I had him replace one of the steps up to the porch, which had rotted, but today I found another step that was almost as bad. I removed the offending step and bought some lumber. Tomorrow morning, I’ll install the new step.

Yesterday, I had an eye doctor appointment. This was the six-month post-surgery checkup. As these things happen, I no longer have the 20/20 vision that I had immediately after the cataract surgery. I think that now I am sporting 20/40 vision. So, I decided to get glasses again. Frankly, having worn glasses almost all of my life, I feel kind of naked without them. These new glasses should restore my 20/20 vision, which pre-surgery wasn’t even possible with glasses. So, I remain quite pleased with the surgery’s results. In addition to the lens replacement for cataracts, I also got two stents in each eye to relieve excess pressure due to glaucoma. They appear to be still working just fine, which is good, because then I don’t need to use eyedrops everyday anymore.

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