Happy Earth Day!

All Set for Earth Day

Last Easter Sunday, on the way to the car show in the park, I gassed up the car first. It was down to just double digits in range, so it took almost forty dollars to fill it up again. I reset the trip odometer and miles-per-gallon gauge and to my surprise when we reached the lower Muny lot the car had recorded our gas milage as 99.9 MPG. It was only a short trip, but it was an event worth noting. The milage probably more, but the gauge only goes up that far. Not bad for an SUV. Today, is Earth Day, but we’ll be observing it tomorrow, when the annual festival kicks off in the park. I think that we will bicycle there and get even better milage then last weekend. In other news, we both got our second Covid boosters yesterday. Sore arms, where we each got the jab are the only side effects. Also yesterday, we met with a carpenter about our planed upstairs bathroom. He seems like a nice young man. Our neighbor Art the architect came by to offer his advice too. We expect to see to get an estimate from him in a couple of weeks, with work expected to begin late this summer. This new bathroom might actually happen. We have an assignment to visit a plumbing supply store and pick out our new fixtures.

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