Our Car Caught Covid or Not?

RAV4 Hybrid Limited

At first, I feared that our RAV4 had caught covid. Yesterday morning, I drove Anne over to Barnes hospital for a doctor’s appointment. It was just a checkup and she’s OK, but parking around the hospital is impossible. After dropping her off, I got a check engine light on our “new” car. I ran a diagnostic, and the code came back as oxygen sensor circuit malfunction. Our car has multiple oxygen sensors that measure the amount of oxygen present in the exhaust. Get it, oxygen problems, covid? I ran this kind of diagnostic before on the Prius, but those tests were short and sweet compared to the one that the RAV4 has. It has 131 different things to check. As it turns out there was a different cause.

For weeks now, there has been the smell of gasoline about the car. Anne has been making Nice and Gentle (NAG) assertions about taking the car into the dealer for service and last week, I had happened to make an appointment for one that day. After lunch, I drove to the dealer. They diagnosed the car’s problem as rodents, which I believe was a squirrel. In the engine compartment, the fuel line had been nicked and some insolation under the hood chewed on. We’ve hardly driven the car and I believe the trip across Forest Park and back was probably the longest that we have done for a month, which is probably why it triggered the check engine light. Gas had been dripping down the fuel line and had soaked the affected oxygen sensor, shorting it. They said that the car was not drivable, which begs the question of how much danger were we in before then. I was a derelict fool, but also a lucky fool. I spent a good amount of time on the phone with my insurance company making the claim, before I left the dealership via Uber. The insurance agent was excellent, and she really knew her job, like did you know that most wiring insulation is soy based. She was sure that a man had come up with that brilliant idea.

But wait, it gets better, while mucking about in my insurance company’s app, which doubles as my main credit card app too, I noticed that two days ago that my card had been hacked. Two grand had been charged via the Apple store. I am contesting these charges now. I have now newly implemented credit card charge monitoring on all my cards, like what Anne has been doing for some time now.

What a day! What a day! What a day!

Demon Squirrel

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