Today is the one-year anniversary of the former guy’s attempted coup. What do you get someone for the first anniversary of their coup attempt? I think that a subpoena is the traditional gift for the occasion. Yesterday, we watched Attorney General Merrick Garland’s live streamed speech that he gave on insurrection eve. The gist of his talk was this, “I got this.” This from the man who never had a leak while investigating them, convicted both the Oklahoma City bombers and the Unabomber and never had a conviction overturned on appeal. A longer form characterization of his speech is that we have already made great progress capturing and convicting the little fish involved in last year’s attack on the Capitol. We will continue to work our way up the food chain and no one who was involved in the events of that day or those that proceeded them will escape our attentions, no one. Today, we listened to first VP Kamila Harris and then President Joe Biden spoke this morning, from the US Capitol’s Statutory Hall. Harris most famously compared last January 6th as an attack upon this country no less severe than the attacks of Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Biden next took the lectern and gave a fiery speech denouncing without naming the former guy but labeling him as a defeated former president. This speech elicited another lame and lie filled communiqué from the former guy, without his social media platforms has become increasingly irrelevant. I actually took the above photo in 2019. The gathering in front of the Capitol was an NRA protest.

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