1954 Pontiac Star Chief

1954 Pontiac Star Chief, Douglas Johnson, 1993

Dan texted us, “Home safe, car is unloaded [two drones, two 40K armies (Dan’s and Dave’s, which Dave forgot), two roller bags, plus numerous other stuff and five flights of stairs], showered [five flights of stairs with many reptations], and headed to bed.” It was 4:30 AM in NYC when he sent the text after having driven straight through from Saint Louis to NYC in less than sixteen hours. Britt doesn’t drive, so, it was all Dan behind the wheel. Speaking of NYC that scandal sheet rag the New York Post reported that a 90 Day Fiancé star, Stephanie Matto, had to retire from selling her farts after a heart attack scare. Talk about a hatal fart attack. She had been grossing, in more than one way, more than $50K a week bottling her own brand of Pepé Le Pew’s scent.

I woke up to Dan’s text and a bit of sinus stuff. Omicron? Maybe. NPR was saying this morning that most vaccinated people, if they experience any symptoms of Omicron at all, it is most often as a head cold. Testing? Not a chance. All of the testing sites are so slammed that fake testing sites are now springing up around here. I’m not sure how this scam is supposed to work, since the tests are supposed to be free, but I’m sure that the scammers have figured out some angle. Today, the county has reinstituted a mask mandate. Our lovely Repugnant state AG vows to overturn this one like he did the last. In the meantime, Schnucks had signs up on all the doors announcing that masks are required in their stores. All of the area’s ICU beds are full, wait one bed just opened up at St. Mary’s. You know what that means, every time a bell rings an anti-vaxxer gets his wings. We are supposed to get snow tonight, less than an inch, not quite a blizzard, just enough to have to sweep the front walk.

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