Return to the Duck Room

Return to the Duck Room

Our neighbor’s children, Ethan and Gracie are both musically inclined. To foster this talent their parents have enrolled them in the Saint Louis version of the School of Rock. Think Jack Black’s movie of the same name, but only in real life. A couple of years ago, pre-pandemic, we had attended their rock concert. Last year was a buy year, but this year they were back on again. The venue is a basement room of Blueberry Hill called the Duck Room, where all of the decor is just ducky. It doesn’t sound like much and certainly doesn’t look like much, but many famous rock-n-roll musician have performed there over the years. Most famously and most often Chuck Berry performed there right up to the month of his death. Gracie was up first in an all-girl band. Later Ethan performed, where we learned that on New Year’s Eve he and his band will appear as the warm-up band, down the street at the Pageant, in a paying gig. We saw Randy Rainbow there last, just before everything shutdown. Not bad for a high school kid.

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