Another Poke in the Eye

Breakfast of Champions

Yesterday, I had my second eye surgery. This time it was my right eye. I didn’t need one of those fancy toric lens for this eye, like I did for my left one. Things went well, maybe better than with the first one. This second procedure was certainly both smoother and more painless than the first and I didn’t have to wait near as long as before either. Today, I had my first post-operative exam, and everything looks good with the eye. My sight is still a little blurry looking through my right eye, but that is normal and should improve by the time I see the doctor again next week. I didn’t do quite as well with my day after surgery eye exam as I had with the left eye, but we’ll see (get it?) how it goes. I am pictured in recovery, just after surgery, enjoying a post-operative snack, after having fasted for the procedure. I’ll see the doctor again next week. I’m still taking eye drops for the first eye and have a month of drops yet to take for the second, about twelve a day today, but the worst is over now and with time the number of drops I take will soon decrease.

I can see clearly now the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshiny day
It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshiny day

—Jimmy Cliff

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