Pictured is one of the poles for the chuppah for Maren and David’s wedding that Dan is making. A chuppah is a canopy under which a couple stands for the duration of their Jewish wedding ceremony. It represents the new home that the newlyweds will build together, symbolized by the cloth covering and four poles that outline the structure. Copper is one of the colors that Maren has chosen for their wedding. Dan has covered wooden poles with copper tape for a burnished copper look. It was my idea to use copper tape. At work, we used copper tape a lot. It would create an electrically conducting ground plane by sealing over gaps and cracks. It looks nice for this application.

In other wedding news, I dropped nearly a grand for a new suit and other wedding accoutrements today. I was fitted for it and it should be ready next week. Anne picked it out for me. While we were being waited on, another man came into the store with a tale of woe. His wife had mistakenly given away his new suit to Goodwill. The wedding is tomorrow. He appealed to their better nature and the store agreed to have the suit ready for him. I’m glad that we are not going to be so rushed.

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