Britt’s Printing Press

Britt Printing Wedding Invitations

Pictured is an animated GIF version of the movie that shows Britt printing Maren and Dave’s wedding invitations. She has a human powered printing press that lives in her parent’s basement, I guess, because it’s too heavy to lug up five flights of stairs. She did a great job! She finished them before her last trip to the cabin, where they sat all boxed up and it didn’t seem right to unwrap them. They next went to Boston, where they were presented to Maren and Dave and we got to see them there. Britt and Maren both picked the same stamps that the invites will be mailed with. I’ll be checking the mailbox every day looking for ours. If you look closely, you can see a graphic of two crossed axes printing.

We walked in Tower Grove Park today, which really is a mess these days. There are still lots of downed branches and trees from the big storm in early July. They are distributed throughout the park, but are also heavier on the western end of the park, where the storm damage was more significant. In addition to all of this tree damage there is a major construction project on the eastern end of the park, where a stream is being reintroduced into the park. Earthmoving equipment has dugout the river bed. The soil that was removed to create the sunken channel has been dumped on the park’s ballfields. Right now, a couple of those ballfields are unplayable, but the plan is to grade the dirt piles out, raising the field’s contours, affording better drainage. The plan for the river finished is to create a new play space for children to enjoy, like the Albrecht Nature Playscape in Forest Park.

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