Travel Tales

Untitled, Luchita Hurtado, 1969

Monday morning, we caught an Uber to Logan. Gerry, our driver, a former cab driver was an exceptional Uber driver. He greeted us after getting out of the car and individually loaded and then at the airport unloaded all of our bags. Quite the gentleman, but as Harry would complain, he was a talker, except in a driver that is to be expected. Still, he entertained and educated us on our trip to the airport. Our flight to Detroit was uneventful. Jane picked us up. We were looking for her Golf and didn’t see her when she pulled up next to us in our RAV4. Shades of Ferris Buller. We took her out for breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies or maybe lunch, what have you. After our meal, we took possession of the golden yellow dresser of Antioch. Its disposition is our next trip after we get home. Dinner with Harry was excellent as always, especially in his new digs. I somewhat paid for dinner by negotiating with AT&T over the issue of the nonfunctionally of his Wi-Fi. I was successful and I checked that I had not first done any harm, but I left the network name all AT&T bland. At Purdue, Dave’s roommates named their Wi-Fi, Dave Sucks. Not the best, except that the cute girls next door named their network, Dave’s not so Bad.

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