Puck’s Pack

Stone Tower

Puck, Dave and Maren’s new dog, started the day with eight people in her pack, but Sunday was a day of partings, always made with the same refrain, “See you in October.” First Bruce, Kim and Maren left, headed home to Geneva, where there are numerous other showers to attend. Then Dan and Britt headed home to Brooklyn. That left three humans in Puck’s pack, Dave, Anne and I. As leader of the pack, she was having a hard time holding things together. To assuage her fears, Dave took us all for a walk in the woods, in particular Lynn Woods Reservation. As we began our hike, I snagged a map of the area and notice that Walden Pond was in the park. Unfortunately, this Walden is not the Thoreau Walden Pond. That one was about an hour away and is currently closed due to a sudden uptick in drownings. Anyway, it was a good hike. The trails were pretty rocky, leading me to take lots of baby steps, so as not to fall. I succeeded. My pedometer read six plus miles by the end of the day, but Dave’s trail app said that it was much less than that. Except it didn’t have to walk four to six miles in my shoes. Occasionally, Puck would stop, turnaround and wait for me, not wanting to lose another pack member just yet. The highpoint of the hike turned out not to be the faux Walden Pond, but the pictured Stone Tower. After our walk in the woods, we returned to Dave and Maren’s place and chilled for a bit. Later, we headed out for a mid-afternoon meal at a place in Davis Square, another walk. Back to the apartment again and more chilling and then it was time for Puck’s evening meal and constitutional, more walking. We talked Dave into giving us a ride back to the hotel, because of the duffle bag of camping gear that we had lent them that we would have had to lug otherwise. Bringing Puck’s pack down to one.

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