Did They Ever Return?

Water Lilies, Claude Monet, 1907

Friday, Dave and Maren had to work, so Anne and I did the Boston tourist thing. It is hot here in town, hotter than it is in Saint Louis now and for August that is hot. We went to the Boston Museum of Fine Art, which regularly sends shows to Saint Louis. In fact, a show from here about ancient Nubians is currently ongoing there. I hope that we got a heads up on any future shows to come, like the Monet one that we saw. We took the T, Boston’s subway system. Years ago, in the 80s, I spent a summer working here in Boston. I was working at MIT and I was staying at the Park Plaza Hotel, so I would take the T everyday to and from work. Not all of the cars were airconditioned back then. In fact, sometimes I rode what was effectively a street trolley, except that it was underground. Those cars featured a train turntable. Everyone would get out, the car would revolve 180º and then everyone would get back on again. Today’s T was thankfully airconditioned, but it was also extremely noisy, with godawful screeches that sounded like the train car was being rend in two. We kind of screwed up on the ticketing and the two of us ended up riding back and forth on one one-way fare. I had visions of ending up like Charlie, who like in the 60s era Chad Mitchell Trio song, MTA, had to ride forever, beneath the streets of Boston and never return, no never return. Return we did though, in time for dinner at nearby Davis Square. We met Maren’s parents, Bruce and Kim. Dan and Britt joined us too. It was a lovely to meet them and we had a great conversation.

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