It is one heck of a commute, going to the cabin that is. We are almost ready to go north again, for the second time this summer. It is minimally about 750 miles one-way, if we drive straight there, but we’ll be going through Ann Arbor, which divides up the drive into two days, but also lengthen it to about 900 miles. Still, that’s not as bad as Dan and Britt’s drive from Brooklyn which is almost 1,000 miles. Dan and Britt are already at the cabin, for the second time this summer. The first time they went to the cabin, it was done by coming through Saint Louis first. He is sure putting the miles on the old Prius. We gave him the car in late 2019, after we had first acquired the RAV4. It had been newly re-plated that year, so those plates still had another year-and-a-half left on them. In fact, they just expired yesterday. When Dan was last in Saint Louis this year, in June, we had tried to retitle the car, but the title still showed the lien from Toyota that had been placed on the car when we first bought it. That loan was paid off in 2016, but I couldn’t find the lien release letter in our files. Since then, I have been struggling mightily to get a new copy sent to us. Finally, one arrived today. I have been going back-and-forth with Toyota trying to get them to send me the document, which after numerous requests of them has finally arrived, a day late, but hopefully, that won’t matter, since Dan will be putting on New York plates, when he gets back there. So long as he doesn’t get pulled over and stays out of Missouri, this state’s arcane licensing laws shouldn’t kick up dust elsewhere. 

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