Doelle’s Creek

Doelle’s Creek

Dan and Britt have returned to the cabin and we’ll be joining them in a few days. As you can see the creek down at Doelle’s has reappeared. Earlier this summer it had vanished. I don’t know if the last few weeks were unusually wet or whether some sort of hydrological event occurred with the beaver dams back in the swamp. When we get there, if I’m greeted by more than the usual swarm of mosquitoes, then I’d have to guess that it was rain and not some dam busting situation. I haven’t heard whether she made it or not, but Dan’s friend Vicki should be there too. Dan and Vicki met in art school at Webster and were partners in fashioning the exploding bungie couch of fame and infamy. We packed today, so we are both definitely looking forward to going up north again, even if it has cooled down here a bit. 

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