Albrecht Nature Playscape

Sequoia Pinecone

Today, we visited the Anne O’C. Albrecht Nature Playscape. Located in Forest Park, this 17-acre natural playground feature nine different environments, allowing visitors to connect with nature, through multiple facets. Located on the backside of Government Hill, near the World’s Fair Pavilion, its two years of development culminated in the Playscape’s grand opening just before we returned to town. This free destination includes sand play areas, willow tunnels, stump steppers, boulders, rocks and much more. Today is a hot one, so water features were a big hit with the kids. Water must be hand pumped by the children. One particular watering hole had not only water, but also mud. Thoughtful moms had the foresight to bring a change of clothes. The Playscape cascades down one side of Government Hill, with paths connecting the different areas. Its opening was delayed due to Covid, but this only gave many of the plantings more time to establish themselves. Although, the Playscape opened to the public last week, work on it is still ongoing. A flatbed truck full of young trees was being unloaded as we toured the grounds. The Playscape is a joint venture between the City of St. Louis and Forest Park Forever, a charity dedicated to the improvement of the park and of which Anne is a member. Unrelated to the Playscape, the photo with this post shows Anne holding a Sequoia pinecone. Mighty trees come from a small beginning.

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