Return to Regular Order

The Sacred Breath, Sant Khalsa, 2021

Pictured is an artwork that invites reflection on our relationship with the environment. Tree branches that resemble human blood vessels fill an outline of lungs, reminding us of our interdependence with trees and plants. It was part of an art exhibit that was Covid themed in the New Mexico Museum of Art.

Today, for the first time since April, felt like a normal day. Anne and I ran errands. We took the RAV4 in for its scheduled maintenance. The dealer forgot to reset the maintenance required message, so when we got home, I had to figure out how to do it myself. A couple of lessons at YouTube U did the trick. We also picked up Anne’s sewing machine that she had left in the shop for maintenance and repair while we were gone. Returning home, we went for a walk in the rich people’s neighborhood. The month and a half that we’ve been gone, has allowed the builders to make mighty progress on the new house that we’ve been regularly surveying during its construction.

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