Miss Scarlett in the Library

Backyard Pool

Pictured is the view of Frank and Kathy’s backyard from the library’s balcony. Last night, while Anne and Kathy fixed a scrumptious birthday dinner, Frank and I shot a few rounds of pool, before decamping to the pictured poolside table for a round of beers. Today, we head on up to their lodge in Tahoe, from which we will part ways and head on to San Francisco and then eventually Monterey. Tahoe is where Frank and Kathy go to beat the heat, both temperature wise, like in the summer and political wise, like when tempers rise too high. This morning’s excitement involved a trip to the vet. The older dog had a sore paw and when she left for the doctor’s, the younger one was heartbroken, but everything is fine now, she is back. The only other excitement comes from the neighbor across the road, he is having his lot brushed out and it has raised a dust cloud over here.

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