Petrified Forest National Park

Blue Mesa, Painted Desert

Today, we visited Petrified Forest National Park, which is really two parks in one, the Painted Desert and the petrified forest. We started at the northern end, along I-40. This is the Painted Desert portion of the park. As we traveled south, the petrified forest part of the park took sway. It was extremely windy today. A red flag warning was issued for the day. After the park, we stood on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. We bagged the meteor crater, because we were feeling pretty crispy by then. We are in Flagstaff tonight and tomorrow night and then on to the Grand Canyon. We are staying in another old-time hotel, the Monte Vista, in downtown Flagstaff. Our assigned room was a little too quirky for us. Its shower and toilet were both down the hall. We upgraded to a much bigger room, the Alan Ladd room, with in room facilities. Yes, all of the rooms here are also named after move stars. Also, this hotel has neither a bellhop or bellhop carts. All of its entrances have stairs. How they get around the ADA laws I don’t know. So, we had to leave a lot of our luggage in the car. We parked beneath the hotel’s security camera. I hope everything is still there in the morning. Mostly what’s left in the car is our camping gear and there is no shortage of outfitters in this town. Our Route 66 guidebook steered us to a great dinner, at Pizzicletta, which features Neapolitan style, wood fired pizza. According to the book the best wood fired pizza in the state. It was indescribably good. We were going to be good and each only eat a quarter of the pie, but it was too good. Tomorrow, on weigh-in day, we’ll have to face the music.

Crystal Forest

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    • Yes! Actually two. One to weigh us and the other to weigh our food. Don’t you? Still down 2.7 pounds for the week, but not as low as midweek.

      • Early on, I weighed myself in a motel room, on the carpet and the scale read fifty pounds lighter than the day before, but on the bathroom tile, I got a more believable weight. I thought that I had broke the scale.

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