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Anne at Meow Wolf

Busy day today. We had breakfast in the La Fonda’s dining room. Anne had a “healthy” breakfast parfait that was way more points than she had planned. I had their rancho huevos, which weren’t cheap either, but over all we are still doing well with our weight loss program. I’ve lost 20 pounds and Anne has lost 15 pounds. All of our additional activity seems to help balance any increase in food consumption, while on the road. First up for this busy day was a visit to the cathedral in Santa Fe. It is only a block away from our hotel. We still had time, so we did a whirlwind tour of the New Mexico History Museum. We didn’t have enough time to see it all, but I got to see most of it. Then it was time to make our appointment to see Meow Wolf. Built in a converted bowling alley, Meow Wolf is a seventy room cooperatives art project. The nearest thing that I’ve seen to it is Saint Louis’ own City Museum. Its storyline seemed to revolve around the mysterious disappearance of a family from their home. QR codes were distributed everywhere, but that aspect of the experience was too much to be bothered with. The visuals alone were enough to deal with. If we didn’t see and experience everything it was not for wont of trying. Afterwards, we drove south from Santa Fe to Albuquerque. We checked into our hotel, the Hotel Parq Central. Built in 1928 as a hospital along Route 66, it is now a small, but nice hotel. The hospital moved across the highway and has grown to a truly monstrous size. After we checked in, we headed off to Petroglyph National Monument, which is on the other side of town. We hiked one of the trails, at least as much of it that we had time to before the park would have locked our car up. We did mange to see a few petroglyphs, but most of them were hard to see. Then we hit old town in Albuquerque, where we snagged dinner, another meal of New Mexican cuisine. We walked around the plaza and then headed back to the hotel, taking historic Route 66 for a change instead of the interstates. Back at the hotel we enjoyed sunset in the back gardens and I wrote this post.

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  1. so jealous you got to that Meow Wolf. Have you seen the documentary from a couple years ago? Origin Story. I got to hear a couple of the founders speak as well – super interesting story of how it all came together for their original location.

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