Art, Art, Art, Until You Drop

Pronghorns, Beau Tsa-toke, 2021

The rule about art in Santa Fe is if you like it, you can’t afford it. We hit the Santa Fe art scene hard today and now at the end of the day it is hitting us back harder. We walked twelve miles today, which is well beyond our normal regimen of four. Today, we toured two art museums, the New Mexico Museum of Art and the Institute of American Indian Arts’ Museum of Contemporary Native Arts and we could have toured many more. We were not done there though, because in the afternoon, we headed up Canyon Road, where there are hundreds of art galleries. The Canyon Road corollary to the rule about art in Santa Fe is whether you like it or not, you still can’t afford it. We’ll miss seeing many more of the art museums that are in town and hundreds more art galleries too. Santa Fe claims to be the third biggest art mecca in the country. I figure NYC is number one, but I wonder which city is number two. We had dinner down by the railyards at another recommended New Mexican style restaurant, Tomasita’s. The place was full and we had to wait for a table. I suspect part of the problem was the waiting train next door, the Rail Runner. It shuttles back-and-forth between Santa Fe and Albuquerque daily, which is where we are headed tomorrow. 

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