Rain, Rain, Go Away

West Kansas Rain Storm

Yesterday, it rained practically all day. It started in the middle of the night and continued on into the late afternoon. We had errands to run, so I had to get out and drive in it. We recycled some of our old electronics at an Earth Day Drive out in Frontenac. As bad as it was having to drive in that weather, at least I didn’t have to stand out in it all day like the worker there did. The driving wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for the maniacs that that weather brings out. I guess with most people slowing down a bit it must drive those people crazy. Our other errand was out in Fenton. Anne had broken her sewing machine. She speared the plastic foot that guides the cloth with the needle and needed a new foot. She had called around the day before and in the end this place, the place where she originally bought the machine was the only one that had the part that she needed. She took her machine with her, just to be sure that she got the right part and left it there for a cleaning. She has been going hot and heavy, trying to finish the quilt that she is making for our new bed. She had hoped to finish it this week, but now that is going to have to wait. Once she finishes this quilt, she will start sewing the MaD quilt or is it the DaM quilt. Not yet, but wait until she is up to her eye balls in it. Afterwards, we finished cleaning the house. Anne has been doing most of the cleaning, but I cleaned the kitchen. The house looks nice now. Nicer than it has since the start of the pandemic. Now if we could just keep it that way until June, when CRaB are supposed to arrive. The yard looks nice too. I was finally able to successfully engage a lawn service. The guy did a really great job.

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  1. We are having our first houseguest in over a year in about three weeks. I don’t know if that is long enough to get the house back in shape.

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