Sunday Afternoon in the Park

Two Great Horned Owlets

Yesterday, we walked in Forest Park. Not a long walk, more like an owl prowl. First thing we did was to checkout the owlets, but they weren’t where we had left them last. We asked a guy who was doing some plein air painting if he knew anything about them and he said that when he first got here, a bunch of birders were looking this one tree and he pointed to it. We thanked him and headed off. We found the owlets soon after. They were huddled together so cutely. Afterwards, we heard music and went off to investigate that. A duet of guitar players was performing outside the boathouse. The boathouse has long had outdoor seating, but I guess because of the pandemic they have expanded outside their fenced in section and spread-out across the grass. We sat, socially distanced and listened to the end of the band’s set. Setting off again, we climbed Government Hill, looking at the flowers and doing some people watching too. It was a gorgeous day, but quite windy. We ended up back in the owl zone. This time there was a new guy who had a huge telephoto lens on a tripod. He was nice enough to point out to us that Sophie, the mother, was also sitting in the tree, right above her two owlets. We gawked at the three of them for a while, before heading back home.

Returning home, there was an Amazon package waiting for us on the porch. As it turns out there were supposed to be two. That’s what the photograph taken by the delivery guy showed. We had been porch pirated. Stolen were two SD cards of about $10 value. For some reason they took one package and left the other one. This is the first time that we have ever been pirated. The whole experience leaves me with a sour taste.

Stop the presses! Remember I mentioned how windy it was yesterday? It is not  quite so windy today, but after someone found and returned the package it still blew halfway down our walk. One of those large Amazon plastic envelopes with only two SD cards in it makes for a great kite. All’s well that ends well. 

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