Ridin’ down the street in my RAV4

Utah 142 – RAV4 Safe?

Ridin’ down the street in my RAV4
Picking up my homies in my RAV4
Kick it with my boo thang in my RAV4
Ridin’ down the street in my Toyota 4-door
— Apologies to Cuco¹

Yesterday, David bought a car, a 2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Very similar to the one we bought about a year ago, except his is gray and ours is blue. He test drove it, but hasn’t take delivery yet. He is still arranging registration and insurance. There was probably also the matter of the logistics of what to do with his current vehicle, a 2003 Toyota Corolla. He couldn’t just leave it at the dealer’s place. Could he? Well no, it is destined to eventually find a home, as a donation, to a local radio station. Our baby is all grown up, buying his own car and stuff. I even hear that he is getting married. He’s not our lil’ Dave anymore.

In other family news, both of our dads are now fully vaccinated. Both Harry and John received their second shots. Yay! However, here in Misery, no joy. All we get now is regular weekly reminders that we are registered to get vaccinated, some time in the indefinite future. We are registered at both the state and county level and with the three main medical systems in town. So, we are getting lots of notices, but not much else. This week, the county’s assessment was particularly bleak, forewarning us that it could be weeks or months before everyone in our tier gets a shot. I don’t know how much the new J&J vaccine will help with this jam. One would think that our “experts” have already factored its arrival into the equation, but you know what they warn, when you assume such things, one makes an ass out of you and me.

  1. Modified lyrics, originally by Cuco, to his song, My CR-V.

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