eat n’ time

eat n’ time, Richard Estes, 1969

We might get a dose of some that white cloud-poop later today, but that’s OK, because afterwards our lawn will look just as good as the neighbor’s. The one who spends all his money on a fancy lawn service. It was single digits this morning and I had gotten a warning email about frozen pipes from the water company. So, this morning I ran the water for a minute in the basement sink. I figure if we ever did get a frozen pipe is would be one of those. If you hadn’t noticed until now, it is officially winter and I want to put you all on notice that I am officially done with it. Or so I wish, but I’m afraid that it’s not done with me.

Tomorrow will mark one-week on weight watchers. It has been an adjustment, but there are already detectable signs of success. In hindsight, it would have been better not to have a fridge full of high calorie food to begin with, but we’ll work our way through it, bit by bit. The system is a little strange and will take a little while to get used to. Some foods are way more expensive than I expected, while others are totally free. Right now, Anne and I are different plans, which also adds to the confusion, but she plans on switching over to my plans, which will help. In addition to our daily allotments, we are also given a kind of weekly slush fund of points. This helps, when you inadvertently go over a day’s budget. It should also come in handy for tomorrow’s Super bowl party for two.

Thursday, when we heard the bad news about Betsy’s passing that kind of drowned out the good news of the day, my dad got his first vaccination and already has an appointment for the second one. So, I’ve cancelled my subscription to the app that I used to game Monterey’s vaccination website. Needless to say, there is no joy here in Mudville. Around here all vaccine announcements are only couched in the future tense. Or if they’re not even promising a vaccine, then they are only offering information on one. 

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  2. I had a co-worker who would save up her WW points during the week so she could drink margaritas on Friday night. Back when we could go out to bars and stuff.

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