Food Fight

Playing with My Food

We’ve joined Weight Watchers. We decided that it was high time that we lose our Covid-10, 15… I have struggled with my weight for years.

Years ago, I had suggested Weight Watchers to my doctor as answer to his habitual admonishments, but then, he dismissed the program as a gimmick. At my last visit with him though he was totally onboard with the idea. What had changed?

Jay had so much success with it that we’ve decided to emulate her. Welcome to the hunger games! Anne had an hour plus Zoom call with her sister that I pretty much kept out of, but I’m really totally onboard with this plan. The girls cooked up a signup scheme that will save us a few bucks. I’ve downloaded the App and have begun counting my points. What do you mean that I only have enough points left for dinner and that I can only afford a small cup of chicken broth? At this rate, I might as well be prepping for a colonoscopy or something. Yesterday, Anne was a few points over on her first day’s count, but she hadn’t begun to count until late in the day. That sounds like a mulligan. I start counting today.

Yesterday, for the first time since before Christmas, we didn’t have chocolate after dinner for dessert. Hmm, this diet thing could be serious. Was the cookie fat free? In this endeavor, quantity is the devil that we must fight. That means quality must trump all else. I’m ready to take my culinary skills to the next level. What do you mean that a quarter teaspoon of paprika costs a full point? That’s total BS. There just might be a period of adjustment for me here going forward. 

2 thoughts on “Food Fight

  1. It is NOT a diet.
    Or even a cult.
    It is a focus on what and how much. Choices and tradeoffs. You can eat anything you want, but, Everybody Together Now, IN MODERATION.

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