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It took four years and a day of unimaginable discord, but the Twitter beast has been felled. No more insults, no more self-pitying, no more calls for violence. In the eerie silent afterwards, I raise my head and wonder what took so long? While certainly not the first and hopefully not the greatest punishment to befall him for his high crimes, it does signify a sea change, a change towards accountability. Like an avalanche falling, other social media companies have quickly followed suit, silencing him. Going further they have also moved to cutoff future avenues for communication. He will likely rally his fragile ego and turn to face the public again, but without his megaphone, he will forever look smaller. Sad.

First do no harm and then prevent others from doing further harm, but more needs to be done. Impeachment seems to be the logical next step. He is still unrepentant. Heck, he won’t even acknowledge the harm that he has already done. He needs to be punished and soon. Unfortunately, for the next ten days (really 9½, but who’s counting) he is still president and still dangerous and it is highly unlikely that enough of his Republican enablers will do the right thing to foreshorten that time period. To avoid future catastrophes, he must be distracted, not by new baubles, rewards for unseemly behavior, but pelted with a barrage of constant invectives, disparagements and punishments. 

It is my hope that this steady assault will keep him too busy to do too much further damage. A good example action is the rumored PGA revocation of their 2022 championship from his Bedminster golf course. Seemingly coming from out of left field, this is exactly the kind of insult to cause him to fly off the handle and flail helplessly for a day or so. At this point, every day matters.

6 thoughts on “Muted

  1. If Trump is not held accountable, he will continue to fail upwards, leaving office with the largest war che$t in history and the control of the Republican party. The profane president this president has set will remain a strategic option for future despot-wannabes that dog whistle the disatisfied, disenfranchised and “disinformed” into an dangerous mob to do their bidding. We are on the cusp of a country where legislative government needs protection from the governed… and insecurity becomes the only thing citizens have in common.

  2. These times are frightening and one can only fervently hope that the weaknesses in our political systems that expose us to such threats and economic systems that allow mob connected crooks gain power are repaired.

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