X-mas/X-Men – Superhero Giraffe

We cooked and cleaned, ate and ate and phoned friends and family across the country. All in all, a pretty good Thanksgiving, considering that we were home all alone. Yesterday morning, I heard on the news that Zoom had opened its lines as free to everyone for the day. I knew that they didn’t have the capacity to handle the inevitable onslaught, but as it turned out more personal technical difficulties would have prevented our participation in any Zoom meetings anyway. We did try Facetime when compatible phones permitted it, but even that form of teleconferencing suffered from a lack of bandwidth. Regular dial-up access still worked fine. I think we had participated in half-a-dozen conference calls by the end of it all.

In-between phone calls we received photos (above) of what everyone else was or would be soon eating. Not to be outdone, Anne snapped a picture (below) of her own baking creation.  We ended the day with full bellies and plenty of leftovers.

Anne’s Pumpkin-Pecan with Gingersnap Crust Pie

But Thanksgiving is behind us now. Time to move on. On to the big one. On to Christmas! A trip to the post office is in the offing for us today. One of many yet to come I’m sure. Today being Black Friday, a “holiday” that we don’t observe, midnight-madness sales come to mind, but the pandemic has put a crimp into the regular goings-on. No more lining up in the wee hours of night, outside of big box stores for that big rush to the electronics aisle. Now it is all done online. Dan told us that Walmart’s entire inventory of the new Sony PlayStation 5 was entirely gone in under a second, like at the stroke of midnight. Scalpers with their bots snapped them all up. They are now available only at highly inflated prices from said pirates. Isn’t technology wonderful? The giraffe is from 2012. I found it the archive. We regularly walk by its house, but it isn’t there anymore.

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