A Walk in the Park

We walked Forest Park, which is seldom shy of new and unusual sights to see. I tried to fly my drone over the Grand Basin, but the breeze had freshened by then and I decided that discretion was the better part of valor. I quickly reeled it in again, before some unfortunate and likely soggy incident occurred. We heard bagpipes, from up on Art Hill. A woman was playing. She had a good repertoire. We got as far as the zoo’s 1904 birdcage, a bit of the zoo that we can view safely from outside of it. Looking down from the hill that houses the World’s Fair Pavilion, we spied a pair of red garbage trucks. They looked so new and clean that filling them with trash seemed almost like a crime. Heading down to them someone else’s drone overflew us. By the time that we got down to photograph the trucks this drone pilot was being accosted by a park ranger. Apparently, one needs a license to fly a drone in Forest Park. Who knew? We headed back to the car then, which we had parked along De Mun. We stopped first at Barrio and ordered takeout, burgers, fries and shakes. It was a glorious repast. It was also a lot of food that resulted in dueling naps on our two couches.

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