Snap-Back Time

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Writing this blog, I sometimes fancy myself as a bit of a wit. Even if I am only half right, I can still take joy in at least trying. Yesterday’s post was all kumbaya, let’s work together and heal this nation. That’s not really me. After all, what’s the point of having a rapier like wit if you can’t use it to stab somebody?

There is an old Arab proverb that says, “Dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.” The soon-to-be-former president has never shown much love for Arabs. So it is unsurprising that he has refused to heed such sage advice and also move on.

I was content to let him SULK (Even in all-caps.), complain about fraud (After all, he knows fraud firsthand.) and tweet (Twitter is flagging most of those now.). But he is not content with just that. He is rallying his minions to the fight. Throughout his administration, it has been his enablers who are the real culprits. None more than the sycophant-in-chief, the soon-to-be-former VP. Who under the guise of a fundraising letter has penned the following incendiary language:

Democrats have made it clear they would rather destroy our Nation…The Left wants to undermine this Election…We need YOU to FIGHT BACK.

He may claim to be asking for money, but what he really wants is blood. I’m sure that at least one wingnut will take this letter as a call-to-arms. There is also talk about restarting those corona circuses, with campaign style rallies to fight on-and-on-and-on. Also, Emily Murphy, his GSA appointee, has declined to sign the letter authorizing the government’s part in the Biden transition. To me, this all sounds like going to the mattresses, instead of going quietly into the night.

Sure Marquis, all this cannot be allowed to continue unopposed, but where is that rapier like wit you first spoke of? I’ve not seen one whiff of it yet, you twit.

Now class, work with me here…

Last week, before the election had been called, the Trump campaign had setup a hotline for reports of election fraud, but those Gol-dern TikTok kids flooded their lines with spurious reports, casting shades of Tulsa all over again. They had to takedown that number, but soon reincarnated it. Hat tip here to the Lincoln Project, the new number is 800-895-4192. Act quickly, this is a limited time offer and remember, it is not a crime to make a false report to a reelection committee. While you’re at it, Ms. Murphy’s line is 844-472-4111. Give her a call and tell her you want Biden treated like every other president-elect. 

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